Kinesio Taping

Consultation & strapping of a specific area £15.00 (20 min appointment)

As an add on to another treatment £5.00

Kinesio tape is used by many sports men and women to support muscles and joints, but for those of you who are not athletes it can also be helpful for many every day aches and pains. The tape is designed to mimic skin and allows normal movement, but also supports muscles and reduces muscle fatigue. It can remain on for several days and is shower proof. A consultation will help decide the best course of treatment.

Bellabaci Cupping Massage £45.00

Our cupping therapy is based on the ancient Chinese method where Bellabaci vacuum cups are placed on the skin creating suction on the body surface, and moving them using specialised techniques. The suction gently lifts the skin to drain away toxins and bring fresh blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. Its versatility means it can be easily adapted from lymphatic drainage to deep tissue release.

Bellabaci Cupping Massage is great for:

  • Use on the neck for headaches and migraines
  • Use on the stomach to alleviate constipation
  • Use on painful joints to eliminate toxin build up
  • Stimulating the lymphatic system and improving circulation
  • Toning and firming muscles
  • Relaxing and rejuvenating the body for profound relaxation

The Bellabaci silicone cups are available to purchase; Claire will be happy to provide you with instructions allowing you to enhance the benefit of your treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Indian Head Massage £35.00

Most of us are aware that we carry a great deal of stress and tension in our back, neck, and shoulders, but not everyone realises how much tension we hold in our heads.

Our treatment is a combination of traditional Indian and Western massage techniques which can help relieve the stress and tension you’re carrying. You will remain fully clothed throughout your treatment and will be seated while Claire works specifically on your head, face, scalp, neck, shoulders and upper back. The use of oil to your scalp is optional.

This is a perfect treatment for anyone who is unable to get onto, or lay comfortably on, the massage couch.

Hand Treatment £35.00

Our hands are always ‘on the go’ and often the first part of our bodies to show signs of ageing. It’s time to pamper yours; this treatment is great for plumping up your skin as well as treating stiff joints and arthritis.

Your hands will be soaked, exfoliated with lemongrass sugar scrub, and then massaged with grape seed oil and Plai essential oil. This oil has excellent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and is ideal for arthritic fingers. Your hands are then painted with hot paraffin wax and wrapped. While the wax hardens you’ll enjoy a shoulder, neck and head massage which helps relieve tension. The wax is then removed and your hands are moisturised.

The result – your nails are conditioned, your skin is softened and more supple, and your previously stiff joints are more comfortable and mobile.

Ear Candling Treatment £35.00

The ancient therapeutic art of ear candling has become increasingly popular in the last decades. The candles used are not wax but cylindrical tubes of linen impregnated with honey, pure beeswax, sage, St. John’s Wort & chamomile. These natural ingredients have soothing properties and you will benefit from the action of the warmed herbal vapours which encourage a positive mental state.

The treatment includes a consultation to check for contra-indications, followed by the candle burning, a face and neck massage, and steam inhalation to enhance the actions of the candles.