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Are you in a constant state of anxiety? Do you rush around and wish you had more time and energy? Do you feel ‘stuck’ or ‘trapped’ with the never ending demands of work, family life and social commitments with no idea how to stop the chaos?

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Holistic treatments can be of invaluable help, not only for crises but for all of life, on an everyday basis. They can help build resources and resilience within you as an individual and help keep life in perspective.

Firstly it is necessary to acknowledge that you are your own responsibility. In order to do this you must recognise the need to take care of yourself and give yourself valuable ‘me’ time.

The treatments available at Viader Vitality can help increase your wellbeing and quality of life, as well as help build a fit, resilient and resourceful person for those times when life is stressful and a struggle.

They may sometimes be combined with a breathing technique known as Savitri Pranayama Breathing. This is a yogic breathing exercise (prana meaning life energy; yama meaning the science of control; savitri meaning balance and harmony). The exercises have a very powerful effect on the mind and body functions, and can give an immediate sensation of well being and relaxation.

 There are also a host of other services available from the pharmacy such as blood pressure testing, cholesterol testing, allergy testing, medication reviews and a holiday vaccination clinic.                                                                  Claire Viader

   August 2016

News…..Claire is delighted to introduce a new treatment to the therapy room

Bellabaci Cupping Massage will be available from September, details on Body treatments page!

Holidays….Claire will be away for a well deserved break from Saturday 6th August 2016 to Thursday 1st September

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Me arms crossedWhy choose Viader Vitality ?

Claire Viader is a qualified, multi-disciplined, holistic therapist with 10 years experience, who is an FHT member. The FHT (Federation of Holistic Therapists) is a UK professional organisation that sets high industry standards through a code of practice and ethics. She is also registered, with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) which was set up by the government to protect the public by providing a UK accredited register of complementary therapists.



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